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The OG Fan Token will give you the power to help OG make the right decisions, access VIP experiences, win official merch, and more.

Be more than a fan

Fan tokens give you the power to vote in polls and take part in incredible experiences

Fan Token holders have voted in several polls, regularly impacting their teams, so check out the examples here..

Dota 2 In Game Banner

OG Fan Token holders picked the offical in game banner for OG to use during the Dota 2 season.

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Dota 2 Tour Review

Fans chose Yuragi to review the first DPC tour for the new look OG Dota 2 roster

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Vlady's Secret Mission

Token Holders set CS:GO team manager Vlady a mission to complete at the BLAST Spring Finals

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OG CS:GO Fans chose which member of the team would take part in a Q&A with fansc

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Why should I own $AM?

Engage with the team you love from anywhere in the world

Get in the driving seat and make the right decisions
Turn your dreams into reality with fantastic rewards
Join a new era of super fans

Join to win VIP rewards

Fan Tokens get you a step closer to enjoy incredible experiences.
Take a look at what you might miss out on!

Once in a lifetime tournament experiences

Meet your heroes

Signed merch & more

OG Fan Tokens are available on the Socios.com app

We are Socios.com, creators of Fan Tokens. Our all-in-one app provides OG fans worldwide a platform to influence and engage with the team like never before. OG is for everyone, no matter where you are, and this is your chance to interact with the teams like never before.

OG will use the Socios.com App as a platform for Fan Token holders to have their say on official decisions. The polls run are up to OG, but the decision made by fans is final. In the past, Fan Token holders in esports have voted on a host of things, including which players are signed, jersey designs and more!
OG Fan Token holders will have access to a host of rewards, from exclsuive and signed merch, to once in a lifetime trips to TI and chances to interact with legends and players. You can earn Fan Rewards by participating in quizzes, games and club decisions on the Socios.com App.
On Socios.com, there are two types of Fan Token sale: the Fan Token Offering – FTO®, and the listing. The FTO® is a period (typically one day) during which a limited number of Fan Tokens are available at a fixed price, which roughly amounts to that of a cappuccino. When a Fan Token is listed, the price is determined by offer and supply. $OG Fan Tokens will be tradable.
The Official Fan Token of OG is avalible now on the Socios.com app.

$OG is the name of the only official OG Fan Token. Fan Tokens are digital assets that never expire. Think of them as your traditional membership, only with voting rights on official decisions, unrivalled access to your team and incredible once in a lifetime experiences. Nevermind. Don’t think of them as a traditional membership.

You can only vote once per poll, but the weight of your vote is defined by the number of Fan Tokens you own. For example, if you own 10 Fan Tokens, your vote will count as 10. Each poll is capped at a number of Fan Tokens determined by OG.

Just like your passion for OG, Fan Tokens are forever. Once you acquire them, they are yours to use over and over again. Even after numerous votes and Fan Rewards, you retain all your OG Fan Tokens. No weekly, monthly or yearly re-subscription is required.

You can start influencing the team and participating in Fan Rewards with just one OG Fan Token. However, some unique rewards may require more than one to enter.

You can purchase OG Fan Tokens directly from the Socios.com app using $CHZ, our in-app currency. Think of $CHZ as like a foreign currency when you go on holiday. First, you buy $CHZ, then simply exchange them for OG Fan Tokens. You can purchase $CHZ using your debit or credit card.

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